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Welcome to Dolia Cats Labs, where gaming synthesis happens

Dolia Cats Labs represents a collective of passionate professionals who have united with a shared vision to revolutionize the realm of blockchain gaming. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, our purpose is to continually push the boundaries of gaming experiences, pioneering fresh and inventive NFTs utilities and use-cases. By forging a path towards widespread adoption of blockchain technology, we strive to create exceptional community-driven products that bring us closer to a future where blockchain becomes an integral part of our daily lives.

Each product in our lab is meticulously
synthesized by our best scientific minds

Meet our latest creations:


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The Adventure of Shroomly

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Mission: Unlock new use-cases for NFTs

By creating and discovering innovative ways to utilize NFTs, expanding their application beyond collectables, we are working toward to create an ecosystem where NFT items possess cross-game utility. By unlocking new ways of using NFTs, we empower players to fully leverage the potential and value of their unique in-game assets.

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Core Team

Those who are behind the scens


Anton Bekker

Game developer & 3D Artist


Daniil Dolia

Founder & Artist


Ilya Kaminskii

Tech Lead


Aleksandr Pakhomenko

Blockchain Developer


Simon Agleev

Web Developer


Rustem Ismagilov


Explore, Create, Deploy

with us